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The HUB, a complete and continuous support plateform
The HUB, a complete and continuous support plateform
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What is The HUB?

The HUB is today the leader solution in the French SELFCARE (including FOOD SUPPLEMENTS), DERMOCOSMETICS and VETERINARY markets: JNJ, COLGATE, PILEJE, IPRAD, FORTEPHARMA, HAVEA, INELDEA have, for example, chosen a self-service, online, real-time analytical solution with no user limit.

A strategic partner of AFIPA for several years now, the OpenHealth HUB now supports the SYNADIET union and its members.

The success of The HUB subscriptions is based on :

  • A unique industrialised model of sell-out data retrieval by subscription, with unlimited access for an unlimited number of users.

  • Total traceability of production processes and data literacy (definition, calculation, interpretation, business cases, etc.) accessible at any time online via a knowledge base:

  • Data accessible online 24/7 (using a simple internet connection, a login and password)

  • Analytical, intuitive, self-service and daily updated dashboards (pharmacy) that can be customised and saved as favourites

  • Aggregate monitoring or monitoring by pharmacy and parapharmacy circuits (in partnership with IRI, the world's second largest panel) based on a standard historical depth of the last 3 years + current year

  • Granularity of data up to GTIN code (market > segment > company (including competitors) > brand > product > GTIN) exportable at any time to Excel

  • The possible integration of customer-specific data (segmentation of pharmacies, sell-in), international data (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Greece...) to cross-reference data on the platform

  • A short innovation cycle driven by the users of the platform (development of new dashboards, indicators, etc.)

  • A personal login area giving access to;

    > Functionalities for modifying markets

    > Manage your team of users

    > A Customer Success Center service available for any request at

    > A knowledge base with an online chat room (at the bottom right of your screen)

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