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What is the pharmacy panel in Jordan?
What is the pharmacy panel in Jordan?

This article describes the pharmacy panel in JORDAN. View Jordan data in your HUB

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Value proposition:

AUMET entrusts its pharmacy data in Jordan for OpenHealth to operate DataOps and deliver data and insights through the AUMET by OpenHealth platform.

The AUMET by OpenHealth platform offers various analysis and comparison criteria. Scalable, easy-to-interpret dashboards give you precise information on your environment.

More comprehensive and detailed analyses enable you to integrate our reports into your day-to-day management.

General description :

Data source name : NR

Data type : Sell-out

Data sources : Pharmacies

Pharmacies universe : NR

Panel : NR

Market : NR

Data available in : NR

Point of sales : 3 917 pharmacies au total dont 685 dans le panel.

individualPharmacy : only one branch
megaPharmacy : 16 or more branch
mediumChainPharmacy :9-15 branch
smallChainPharmacy : 8 or less
individualChainPharmacy: Multiple Pharmacies owned by one owner Where legally they have different owners

Possible geographical breakdowns (Territory Management subscription) : NR

Possibility of supplying data by CUSTOMER TYPE (e.g. A, B, C) : NR

Time period(s) :

- Month (Mth)

- Quarter (Qtr)

- Moving Quarter (MQT)

- Year to Date (YTD)

- Moving Annual Total (MAT)

List of indicators provided: sales value, sales volume, market share, weighted average price.

Limitations: NR

Breakdown by province :

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