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What is the OpenHealth Pharmacy Panel?
What is the OpenHealth Pharmacy Panel?

The purpose of this article is to describe our panel of pharmacies.

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Update : 220926_SMLM

Features of the OpenHealth panel

The OpenHealth pharmacy panel in mainland France (excluding Corsica) is built on a multi-stratified model taking into account several criteria, including :

  • The overall turnover of the pharmacies

  • Their geographical location

  • Their location

The multi-stratified model is a multi-dimensional vision of the pharmacy universe, there are as many axes of dimensions as there are stratification criteria.

We work on a daily basis with data on D+1 which is frozen on D+5.

In your applications, the data is frozen as soon as "Last PHARMA NAT data available" is at least on the 4th of the current month:

Evolution of the OpenHealth panel

#Repository of 20,341 pharmacies* (as of 01/07/2022)

The OpenHealth pharmacy repository lists all pharmacies in mainland France, i.e. 20,341*, excluding Corsica, as of 01/07/2022.

The control of the repository, updated daily and in real time, ensures a very good quality of information on the pharmacy stratification criteria. This repository is the basis for extrapolation.

*Pharmacy outlets in the following territory: Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica, Monaco and DROM COM) (source: FINESS)

#Panel of 12,562 pharmacies* (as of 25/04/2022)

As the model is adaptive, the increase in the number of transmitters does not affect the quality of the current and future extrapolation on each stratum.

The results will be comparable and will ensure continuity in the monitoring of pharmacy sales.

The increase in staffing levels over the last few years (see below) has several benefits for customers:

  • Increased measurement of low DN products and launches

  • Provide broader coverage of specific pharmacies in the market, such as large manufacturer

  • Enable finer geographic granularities for industry data

  • The evolution of the OpenHealth panel takes into account the concentration of sales and the emergence of mega-pharmacies.

*Pharmacy outlets in the following territory: Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica, Monaco and DROM COM) (source: FINESS)

#9,045 stocking pharmacies (as of 01/06/2022)

72% of the pharmacies on the OpenHealth sales panel are mobilised to constitute the stock panel (i.e. 9,045 stockist pharmacies).

In the same way that good transmission criteria are used for sales, the same applies to stocks.

Criteria for the quality of stock transmission are added, in terms of quality and temporality, to the criteria for the quality of sales transmission to define the panel of stockist pharmacies.

For more information on stocks, click here.

#Evolution of coverage rates (as at 25/04/2022)

#Detailed coverage on different criteria (as of 25/04/2022)

(Metropolitan France excluding Corsica)

Turnover strata :

Location area :

UDA (5 regions) :

Panel specification: extrapolation model

#Dynamic extrapolations

The extrapolation model for pharmacy sales data is a dynamic and adaptive model, based on all these criteria.

The principle of extrapolation of the OpenHealth panel is based on the attribution of a representativeness weight for each stratum.

These weights are calculated in real time, and for each stratum, by the ratio between the number of pharmacies that have transmitted data and the actual number of pharmacies that meet all the criteria for the stratum.

The extrapolation coefficients thus obtained are applied to the sales slip data to obtain extrapolated sales for the total of metropolitan France (excluding Corsica).

As the extrapolation model adapts to the number of transmitters, the consequence is that the application of extrapolation coefficients leads to comparable results whatever the number of transmitters.

#Setting up The HUB platform

Each subscription on the HUB platform includes a panel extrapolation setting that is either static or dynamic.

Some of our clients choose a static setting, as part of certain customised options (in particular for monitoring a "Customer Type").

#Traceability of The HUB platform

OpenHealth is committed to traceability with its customers.

This concerns the critical points of the configuration of its deliverables:

  • Definition of product aggregates: list of underlying GTINs available at any time + traceability of changes over time

  • Method of calculating indicators (glossary of indicators)

This traceability throughout its industrial process has given OpenHealth a special position vis-à-vis the Health Authorities for more than 10 years.

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