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What is the pharmacy panel in Belgium? REDPHARMA
What is the pharmacy panel in Belgium? REDPHARMA
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Drapeau Belgique - 150 x 90 cm : Sports et Loisirs

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Value proposition :

Our partnerREDPHARMA uses its in-depth knowledge of the market to provide you with useful and reliable reporting tools through our platform The HUB.

We do our utmost to help you understand and interpret the rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry.

The HUB offers various criteria for analysis and comparison. The scalable and easy-to-interpret dashboards give you precise information about your environment.

More comprehensive and detailed analyses allow you to integrate our reports into your daily management.

General description :

Name of the data source :REDPHARMA

Type of data :Sell-out

Data sources :Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Pharmacy Universe 4,700 points of sale

Panel2,150 points of sale (+ 40% coverage)

Parapharmacy Universes: 60 points of sale

Panel60 outlets (100% coverage)


Availability of data in d+8

Possible geographical breakdowns (SubscriptionTerritory Management) :

- National

- Region

- Province

Provision of data Pharmacies and Parapharmacies (in case the EU platform is operated by OpenHealth) : D+1 stabilised at D+5

Possibility to provide data to the CUSTOMER TYPE (e.g. A, B, C)YES

Time period(s) :

- Week

- Month (Mth)

- Quarter (Qtr)

- Moving Quarter (MQT)

- Year to Date (YTD)

- Moving Annual Total (MAT)

List of indicators providedThese include: value sales, volume sales, market share, weighted average price, digital selling distribution, value selling distribution, digital stocking distribution, stock share, duration of supply, assortment share, etc.

But also: Age pyramid, shelf share, number of facings, promotional pressure


For the Belgian territory, our partner does not have GTIN codes, so EANs are present in The Hub applications in the GTIN field, for the cone codes.

TheCNKis the national reference code on the Belgian territory, and its completeness is 100%, here is the documentation of the APB about the codesCNK(APB - Belgian Pharmaceutical Association) :

Distribution of Belgium by Region :

Source of the map by region Belgium:


Pharmacy Universe 98 points of sale

Panel61 points of sale

Parapharmacies Universe (excluding supermarkets): 4 outlets

Panel4 sales outlets

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