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What is the Pharmacy Panel in Africa? PIEX - Africa
What is the Pharmacy Panel in Africa? PIEX - Africa
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Value proposition :

PIEX is a distributor of Health, Beauty and Wellness products, mainly present in Africa. With a catalogue of more than 1000 references, PIEX maintains a privileged link between upstream manufacturers and downstream actors of the supply chain: pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers.

In order to meet the expectations of its partners, PIEX offers a range of "à la Carte" services within a framework approved by the Health Authorities and Customs and in compliance with Good Distribution Practices.

Link to supplier's website:

General description :

- The panel

Name of the data source :PIEX

Type of data :Sell-out PHARMA

Data sources :

Pharmacy Universe To be filled in

PanelTo be filled in

Depth of data history

To be filled in

Market :To be filled in

Possible geographical breakdowns (SubscriptionTerritory Management) :

To be filled in

Provision of data Pharmacies and Parapharmacies : J+25

Possibility to provide data to the CUSTOMER TYPE (e.g. A, B, C)Feasibility study underway.

Time period(s) :

- Month (Mth)

- Quarter (Qtr)

- Year (Y)

Currency unitEuro (€) and Dollar ($)

List of indicators providedsales value, sales volume, market share, stock volume

Limitations: NR

Product nomenclature : NR

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