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HUB + GATE version 221115
HUB + GATE version 221115
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News The HUB

>Compare 2 universes of a market

The new Advanced Indicators Crossed (AIC) module allows you tomonitor the efficiency of your targeting understanding the competition between two universes in a market:

  • Allows analysis of differences in implementation between 2 universes (brands for example)

  • Allows to know if these 2 universes are competitive or not

  • Allows you to analyse your product mix

gt; Module developmentOn Demand Analysis andOn Demand Evolution

Optimise your user experience with atotal autonomy in the realization ofyour own dashboards on a depth of history that goes back to theLast 3 years + current year (standard).

This is done at national and sectoral level.

On Demand Analysis (Beta test) :

On Demand Evolution (Beta test) :

News Portal

>Create and modify a SUCCESS article

From your administration area, it is possible to create and modify all the SUCCESS articles that have been produced.

Only thePOWER USER have access to the knowledge base management functionality.



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