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HUB + GATE version 220515
HUB + GATE version 220515
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Update: 220513_MLM



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0245 - Change the allocation of a sector

It is possible to allocate a sector to another geographical area.

To do this, go to the "My sectorisations" tab:

0325 - Top 5 modified termsMAM multiple

The follow-up ticket for aMAM multiple will fill in the 5 most frequently used modes when modifying the latter. In the "My Tickets" screen, it will thus be possible to find the most frequent modalities that have been replaced.

0309 - Be able to freely rename the "MARKET" and "SECTORISATION / CUSTOMER TYPE" fields in the "My markets" tab

The "My Applications" page has been revised to allow you to freely change the names of the fields on the page that give access to your The HUB applications.

It is possible to rename the fields "MARKET" and "SECTORISATION / CUSTOMER TYPE".

1 - Click on the desired column header:

2 - Change the name of the fields as you wish

0344, 0345, 0346 - Delete multiple favourites, add a follow-up ticket and refresh the list when a favourite is deleted

Added checkboxes to replace the "x" delete button, to list bookmarks to be deleted.

Moved the "x" button to the top of the list and added a quick check/uncheck box for all the favourites listed.

Follow-up possible via a corresponding ticket.

Image illustrant la suppression multiple de favoris, une popup apparait demandant la confirmation de suppression

News The HUB

0029 - Sell-In sheets

Integrate and view your sell-in data directly

On Demand Table :

Implementation of "Rebasking" to allow calculate the weights of a sub-category within a category (indicators: "Turnover Custom Weight" and "Volume Custom Weight").

  • Example: I want to know the weight of my laboratory's sales in all my markets. I can choose the dimension "Markets" as the reference dimension for the weight calculation



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