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HUB + GATE version 220915
HUB + GATE version 220915
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0196 - Module developmentOn Demand Analysis andOn Demand Evolution

Optimise your user experience with atotal autonomy in the realization ofyour own dashboards on a depth of history that goes back to theLast 3 years + current year (standard)

On Demand Analysis :

On Demand Evolution:

0189 - Load calculations into the moduleOn Demand Table after the selection of all parameters

In order to improve your user experience, you now have the possibility to load calculations only after all selected parameters (and no longer after each click).

To do this, you have the "Play / Pause" button at the top right of your screen.

By default, the "Play" button is displayed.

If you want to load the calculations only after all the parameters have been selected :

  • 1) Press the "Pause" button before making any selection

  • 2) Once all the parameters have been selected, press the "Play" button to display the calculations

0413 - Addition of "Network", "Territory" and "Customer Type" buttons in theMarket Definition

The "Network" and "Customer Type" buttons are only displayed if you have :

  • "Network: several data sources (e.g. Pharmacies, SMKT, Amazon...)

  • The "Customer Type" option: types of pharmacies (small, medium, large, etc.)

These "Network", "Territory" and "Customer Type" buttons work in the same way as on theMy Query.

In other words, they simply refine the selections (no rebasing).

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0312 - Restrict access to a single market

Prerequisite: to bePOWER USER

If you have several markets and you want one of your users to view only one of these markets, you can indicate the perimeter to be restricted via the "Restrict access" button:

> 0359 - Possibility to display only the desired fields



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