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LOINC - Logical Observation Identifiers Names & Codes
LOINC - Logical Observation Identifiers Names & Codes
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"Logical Observation Identifiers Names & Codes" (LOINC) is an international reference terminology maintained by the Regenstrief Institute ( In particular, it describes laboratory observations (prescribable tests and analysis), clinical observations including imaging procedures and questionnaires.

In France, it is used for two purposes:

  • in biology for the coding of elementary biology analyses for the expression of results in dematerialised medical content in France. The LOINC nomenclature concerning the scope of biology is edited in the LOINC biologie value set made available on this site

  • imaging for the coding of procedures described in an imaging report.

Portal objectives

The portal enables:

  • consult the latest version of the Biology LOINC value set and search for a LOINC code using the NABM (free access)

  • consult the latest version of the Biology Circuit value set and search by request or by NABM code, the LOINC codes of request and associated results (open access)

  • request the creation of new LOINC codes, new NABM code alignments with LOINC codes, or new Biology Circuit value set requests and results (login required)

  • request changes to LOINC codes, NABM-LOINC alignments or Biology Circuit value set requests and results (login required)

  • download the latest version of the LOINC biologie value sets and Circuit de biologie, NABM-LOINC alignments (login required)

  • subscribe to publication notifications of updated value sets or the publication of a new value set (login required)

  • see a first level of answers on frequently asked questions by biologists on LOINC nomenclature via frequently asked questions (FAQ) (free access)

  • post questions related to the use of the portal or the use of terminologies (login required)

  • download the latest version of the LOINC imaging value sets translated into French (login required)

LOINC trainings: towards the practice of LOINC transcoding in medical biology

The ANS and SFIL are organising regional training sessions on LOINC terminology and the transcoding of internal medical biology examination catalogues.

To participate, register with SFIL:

Implementation guide for the Lab Circuit value set

This document details the business model of the Biology Circuit JDV, its declination in Excel format as well as the technical elements useful for its integration and update in an information system. It is intended to guide the implementation of the repository in the software involved in the dematerialised circuit of medical biology examinations in France. It is available for download on the "JDV LOINC Circuit de Biologie" page or on the following link: click here.

The LOINC codes for coronavirus are available in French in a specific set of values downloadable from the "JDV LOINC Biologie" page or from the following link: click here.

For more information on LOINC codes for coronavirus, you can check the following FAQ at the following link: click here.

LOINC for imaging procedures

The description of imaging procedures in LOINC has been available since 2018 through a partnership between the North American Society of Radiology (RSNA) and Regenstrief ( Imaging procedures are described according to a business model including the description of the modalities used, the anatomical site imaged as well as the acquisition conditions (contrast injection) or description of the guidance approach for interventional radiology.

Current version of the LOINC Biology value set: 2.17

LOINC version: 2.72

NABM version: 80

Current version of the Biology Circuit value set: 1.1.17

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