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The objective of this module is to analyze the virus distribution by site, per virus type, and per strain within each type.

The analysis is presented in a bar chart in absolute numbers or in percentage.

The data can also be analyzed per site, hospital and per season. By default the last season is chosen.

Data source

  • GIHSN data

Geographical territory

  • GIHSN network


  • NA



  • N / A - open to all GIHSN participants

Objects present in the module

  • Selector Geographic area: Zone, Site, Hospital

  • Selector Season: influenza season

  • Selector Data range: calendar to select precise data range

  • Selector of virus type: LCI +, ORV +, ALL

  • Selector:% or #

  • Bar graph showing the number of patients site and per virus type: LCI +, ORV +, negative patients, or per strain if a virus type is selected

  • Total number of included patients in the analyzed period


  • Nb of patients

  • Total number of included patients


  • NA


Current version:
Virus Distribution by Site - v2004161119

  • Correction of the legend display bug

Old versions:
Virus Distribution by Site - v2004061054

  • New specification


  • NA

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