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Removal of unsold products
Removal of unsold products
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Within the framework of a HUB subscription, it is entirely possible for you to delete "inactive" products, as defined below ("PRODUCT DELETED")

If you have any questions, you can contact our Customer Success Center via the online chat or directly or by

Definition of an unsold product

A product is considered to be"unsold if it does not meet any of the 2 criteria below:

  • Productsold at least 1 time since January 2019 in extrapolated PHARMA salesor inSMKT


  • Productsold at least once in the last 1 year in gross pharma sales (tickets, extrapolated sales could appear in panel updates if there are sales)

The different cases are as follows:


  1. Product sold and created within the last 3 months

  2. Product sold and created more than 3 months ago

  3. Product created less than 3 months ago and not yet sold (e.g. a new product)


  1. Product created more than 3 months ago, modified less than 3 months ago, unsold*.

  2. Product created/modified more than 3 months ago, unsold*.

*A product classified as a "PRODUCT DELETED" will of course be added back to your HUB applications if sales occur after 3 months.

The benefits of removing "inactive" products

  • GATETime saving for the processing of your product assignment changes (MAM)

  • UXmake it easier to make changes improve the navigation of the portal and the apps

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