Weighted Distribution

Weighted Distribution

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For a product, weighted distribution compares the sales value of pharmacies selling to the sales value of the pharmacy total.


weighted distribution = sales value of pharmacies selling / sales value of total dispensing value

The interpretation of a distribution of less than 5% is to be taken with caution.


For a product A, a 50% sales value distribution means that the pharmacies selling represent 50% of the sales value of the total officinal total.


The selling value distribution can be written as DVV. It is translated into English by Weighted distribution or WD.

Geographical sectorisation / Customer type

In this case, the referent of your total value of pharmacies sold is that of the geographical sectorisation or customer type studied.

For example, your product is sold in 600 pharmacies in a geographical sector that generate a turnover of €100,000,000 over your study period.

In the same sector, 1,000 pharmacies sold a medicinal product over the same period for a total turnover of €150,000,000.

Your DVV will then be 67% (€100,000,000 out of €150,000,000).

Geographical territories

Metropolitan France excluding Corsica




You can study the indicator in 3 ways:

  • Aggregated over all the territories you follow,

  • Individually for each territory,

  • Aggregated in your geographical sectorisation.


Availability of Corsica-Monaco-DROM-COM :

  • From the 15th of each month following the last month due.


Interpretation of the indicator for Monaco studied individually (not aggregated with other territories) :

  • With the disparity of pharmacies in this territory, precautions should be taken when interpreting the indicator when you study this territory alone.


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