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What is the TVASI (Sales, Purchases and Unknown Stocks Table)
What is the TVASI (Sales, Purchases and Unknown Stocks Table)
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TVASI meansTable of Sales Purchases and Unknown Stocks.

At OpenHealth, on the PHARMA network we track100% of the products sold in pharmacies on a daily basis.

New references pass through the information systems every day, and it happens that a reference sold in a pharmacy inj0In this case, we intercept the sales, purchase and stock data for this product and enter them in theTVASI.

In the case where the reference is coded, the sales, purchase and stock data pass through our industrial flow, the data is extrapolated and returned to our customers in their applications on their platform The Hub.

Our aim is therefore to release the products from this tableTVASITo do this, we code the products in this table in order to pass the data on these products on to our industrial flow.

We monitor on a daily basis theTVASIand we proceed to create the products in batches by prioritizing :

  • Sales volumes.

  • The number of pharmacies.

  • The date of first sale of the product.

We provide all our customers with the opportunity to code new products before they arrive in pharmacies, which is why we ask you to regularly update your product catalogue.

This approach allows us to be proactive and thus to be able to provide you with sales data for your products during the launch atj0(coding is possible with information from your product catalogue).

This TVASI release process is present in several sources (PHARMA / SMKT / AMAZON / BIO ...)

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