Number of Selling Pharmacies

Indicators NSP / NSPG

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The "NSP" is the numerical distribution expressed in number of pharmacies.

The indicator is called "Number of Selling Pharmacies" ("NSP") with its declination to the "Global Number of Selling Pharmacies"("NSPG").

The difference between "NSP" and "NSPG" is by analogy the same as between the DNV and the DNV global (calculated differently over time periods > 1 month).

For example, for a year period:

  • NSP = average (NSP month 1 ; … ; NSP month 12)

  • NSPG = Number of distinct pharmacies sold over the study period / Total number of distinct pharmacies over the study period

Recommendation: for performance/speed reasons prefer the use of the NSP to NSPG for weekly or monthly analyses.

Where to find these indicators?

Available in the dashboards Advanced Indicators Analysis and On Demand Table :

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