Crossed Weight Turnover
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Thecross weight in turnover expresses the weight in turnover of two different universes A and B.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Sales weight of universe A in pharmacies that only sell universe A

  • Weight in turnover of universe B in pharmacies that sell only universe B

  • Weight in turnover of the A+B universe in pharmacies selling the A and B universes

This indicator measures the turnover of pharmacies that are in different universes. It is expressed as a percentage.


Consider universes A and B in the following configuration:

In this case, the result is :

  • Pharmacies that sell only universe A have a turnover in universe A of €1,000

  • Pharmacies that sell only universe B have a turnover on universe B of €1,500

  • Pharmacies that sell universes A and B have a turnover on universes A and B of €500

The weight of universe A in turnover is €1,000 / €3,000, i.e. 33.3%.

The weight of universe B in turnover is €1,500 / €3,000, i.e. 50%.

The weight of universes A and B crossed in turnover is €500 / €3,000, i.e. 16.7%.


This indicator is shown at "N Crossed Weight To"in your HUB

Where to find this indicator?

Available in theAdvanced Indicators Crossed (tab: "Table Weight") :

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