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HUB UAN version 220315
HUB UAN version 220315
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Modification: 2203241504_MLM


  • Redesign of all HUB modules to be dynamic according to time selection.

This now results in a maximum of 2 dates (if not one) only within the module title block, the oldest and the most recent, regardless of the number of data sources in the module.

The other date under the market name is the date the application was reloaded.

The implementation of an icon to access the moduleSUMMARY invites you to view the different sources of the APP within it and allows you to see exactly what their status is:

  • Addition within the moduleSUMMARY the traceability table allowing a complete visualization of the number of selections in the input data of the App and their "freshness":

User Friendly Aspects

  • Removal of the display condition for systematic display of the buttons (Standard Units: (Sell Out x Obs.Data) and (Market Shares: Obs.Data) with review of the wording of these buttons.

  • Modifications to have the measurements in TURNOVER identical to those in VOLUME.

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