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What is the pharmacy panel in Spain? - INFONIS
What is the pharmacy panel in Spain? - INFONIS

This article aims to describe the panel of pharmacies in Spain - INFONIS. View the SPANISH data in the Openhealth HUB

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Modification: 211209_OM

Creation: 211209_OM

Data Source Name: INFONIS

Value Proposition:

Our philosophy, as a platform provider, is to aggregate data from different data sources for our customers, so we have made the data from Spain provided by INFONIS available on their request, through a Third Party Agreement.

General description:

INFONIS SPAIN's pharmacy panel includes 5,500 pharmacies for a total of 22,121 pharmacies throughout the territory (as of 11/08/2021).

Thus, this data provider uses its extensive knowledge of the market to offer you useful and reliable reporting tools through our platform The HUB.

In this way, we strive to help you understand and interpret the rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry.

Below you will find all of the documentation that INFONIS has transparently shared with you.

Data Type: Sales data

Data Sources: Pharmacies

Geographic area(s) : SPAIN

Coverage in terms of points of sale:


total institutions

number of establishments in the source



22 121

5 500

Market :

Scope: N/A

Product codes: N/A

Available qualifying fields: N/A

Time Period(s):

Available history: January 2019

Granularity : Month

Back data management : N/A

Indicator(s) : TURNOVER / VOLUME

Reference data used :

(to be completed - if reference data is available, e.g. Open Data, product repository, pharmacies etc.)

Other details (specificities / limitations...) :

  • Distribution of the number of pharmacies by size (number of people)

  • Distribution of the number of pharmacies by opening hours

  • Distribution of the number of pharmacies by opening day


No Over-the-counter / Over-the-counter split available.


  • ATC4 --> Level 4 therapeutic area code (ATC4)

  • ATC4_DESC --> Level 4 therapeutic area description (ATC4)

  • DESC_LABORATORIO_FS --> Description of the pharmaceutical laboratory that sells the product in Spain.

  • CODIGO_NACIONAL_BOT --> National product code for Spain

  • NUMBER_FS_ABREVIATURA --> Description of the product.

  • PRESENTACION_FS_ABREVIATURA --> Description of the package/SKU

  • DN_MES24 --> Value of the numerical indicator of distribution with data from the last month (May 2021)

  • 021) UNI_ENE* (Ej : UNI_ENE19....UNI_MAY21) --> Value in Units sold of the product for each month (Ex : Jan, Feb , etc)

  • UNI_PVP* (Ej : UNI_PVP19....UNI_PVP21) --> Value in € of the product sold for each month (Ex : Jan, Feb , etc)

Presentation INFONIS :

1987 : Foundation

2005: Historically, the pharmaceutical industry has worked with "Sell In" information distributed in Sanibricks which was developed in 2005 by INFONIS, under the name of ZBSales.

2015: Establishment of a Pharmacy panel and development of FarmaSales.

2019 : Launch of FarmaSales.

  • Objective: To organize and disseminate accurate prescription and consumption information in pharmacies and make it accessible to all pharmaceutical sectors at a fair price

  • Mission: To ensure that the market has a reliable, fair and equitable source that is as close as possible to the reality of the market

  • Perspective: Convert FarmaSales into the reference "Sell Out" information in the Pharmaceutical industry

Day to day:

  • Management of 35,000 references.

  • +1.5 million lines processed.

  • +1 million transactions tracked.

Source : Proposal FARMASALES for XX.pdf ( from Alfonso Israel 11/08/2021 13:24 )

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