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Describe the traffic according to the size of the pharmacies

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Because the evolution of pharmacy traffic is symptomatic of specific health contexts, it is important to analyze these indicators as factors exogenous to your commercial performance:

· The size and location of the pharmacy

· Number of working days

· Number of pharmacy tickets, all products included

· Number of items (volume) per ticket

This module is for you if:

· You want to better understand the exogenous factors in pharmacy

· Create pro forma analyzes of your performance, excluding traffic trends and number of working days

Data sources

· Data from pharmacies. Possibility to filter the data with or without working days.

Geographical territories

· Metropolitan France data excluding Corsica & DROM-COM


· Market definition 'all products' exclusively

· Applicable on human medicinal product, veterinary medicinal product and non-medicinal product


Objects found in the sheet

· Functional cartridge

· Time buttons

· Indicator selectors

· Rollup selector

· Prescription type selector

· Day type selector

· Analysis type selector

· Bar graph by type of pharmacy turnover

· Bar graph by pharmacy location area

· Total cumulative KPI

· Scatterplot

· Analysis table by type of pharmacy


· N

· N-1

· N Evol

· N-1 Evol

· N Gain

· N-1 Gain

· N per Working Day

· N-1 per Working Day

· N per Working Day Evol

· N-1 per Working Day Evol


Current version:

  • Creation of the sheet


The granularity by type of sign is mandatory for this module.

It is not compatible with the granularity by geographic type.

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