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Estimated prescription refill sales
Estimated prescription refill sales
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Renewal is the second or more time the patient has presented a prescription.

This indicator is available in thePrescriptions Order Analysis.


In the first instance, the distribution weights in renewal are calculated on an observatory of non-extrapolated pharmacy sales.

In order to obtainSales volume andSales valueThese weights are multiplied by national extrapolated sales to estimate extrapolated renewal sales.

These sales are used as the basis for calculating the distribution weights for renewal which will be posted on The Hub platform.

Specificity for non-prescription sales

Only prescription sales have initiation and renewal information on the sales receipt lines.

However, you have the possibility to take into account non-prescription sales in your studies, but due to lack of information on initiations and renewals for non-prescription tickets,all these non-prescription tickets are considered as initiations. The distribution weights between initiation and renewal will then take into account non-prescription sales in initiation.

However, you have the possibility to consider only prescription sales with theStandard prescription by choosing the modalitySales with prescription. The distribution weights between initiation and renewal will then be based on prescription sales only.


The estimate for renewal sales can be translated into English asN Renewal.


Let's consider a market with an estimated 7,000 boxes delivered over the period P in initiation and 3,000 boxes in renewal

N Renewal Weight =3,000 boxes

3,000 boxes of volume sales were issued in renewal.


It is possible to study this indicator in evolution:

  • Compared to the same period last year :N Renewal Evol

  • Compared to the previous adjacent period :N Renewal Trend


  • Limitation on market size: maximum 1,000 products

  • Applicable to human, veterinary and non-medical elective drugs

  • PHARMA only


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Phase 1:Specification / Development

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