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Management of new products
Management of new products

New product management

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1) Openhealth manages more than 780,000 products on a daily basis plus the creation of new products.

We are able to intercept the sales data of a product even before it is created in our repository. These sales are then recorded and then once the product has been created, they are linked to its product over the entire history.

2) Once the product has been created in the Openhealth repository, it is assigned to a product class. This, in one or more classifications.

3) The product is then integrated into your application.

One of the many advantages of the HUB platform is to have automatic daily integration of new features in your applications. In this case, the products are qualified by default as follows:
- Segments field: "NEW"
- Other CQCP ( qualifying field customer product ):" NR "*

In order to integrate your products as soon as possible into your The HUB applications, we invite you to send us your product catalog in electronic format such as Excel

Note: if your subscription includes GSA drugstores, the sales data for these will be linked by default to the products concerned.


For CQCPs that are specific to you you can qualify the new features at any time, then you just need to follow the following procedure: 4164818-modification-of-automatic-mode-assignment-mam-auto

In the case where the maintenance of CQCPs is done by Openhealth, a review of the new features is done once a month in order to qualify them according to defined rules.

* Note: 2 modalities are to be distinguished:
- NR : "Not specified", when at a time T, the information is not not entered for the product. For example, you want to know whether a medicine is open access or not. If the information is not entered, the CQCP LIBRE ACCES will have the modality "NR"
- N / A : "Not applicable", when a CQCP does not concern not a product. For example, you want to know if a drug is open access or not, however the product is not a drug, the CQCP LIBRE ACCES will have the modality "N / A".

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