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Integration of a new data source
How to integrate a new data source into the HUB?
How to integrate a new data source into the HUB?

Article related to the data integration process in the HUB

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In order to benefit from a platform effect, OpenHealth is offering its partners to integrate data into the HUB.

How are the data integrated into the HUB used?

It is up to the entity embedding the data in the HUB to decide how it is used.

There are 3 cases:

  • Case 1: data for strictly internal use:

The entity issuing the data is the only one who can access it.

  • Case 2 :data for internal use but open to third parties:

The issuing entity authorises third parties to use its data, but under conditions defined upstream (e.g. nature of the third parties, filters on the data / anonymisation, scope of the accessible data, remuneration of the source)

  • Case 3: Opendata:

The issuing entity makes all or part of its data public, with or without prerequisites (filters on the data / anonymisation, scope of the accessible data)


1. Opening the MP4U application to the data source sender.

The application allows us to communicate our product repositories and other repositories: proprietary OpenHealth nomenclature in non-drugs, THESORIMED, ANSES, FINESS, population, geographies...

2. Opening our space Success so that the partner can:

  • Specify the SOURCE

  • Specify the applicable MARKET and the CLASSIFICATIONS/QUALIFICATIONS used (Products and Others)

  • List the applicable data model - Number of Tables - FIELDS / TABLES - Reference Codes - Keys

  • List links to useful EXTERNAL REFERENCE DATA (Reference Codes & EXTERNAL SOURCES)

  • List HIS INDICATORS with formula and specifications

  • Specify his ANALYTICS SCHEMA

3. Integration of the new data source:

  • Creating a storage space

  • Flow documentation

  • Creation of a REPLICA TYPE (traceability, parameterization, IT queries,control queries, HISTORY query, version)*

  • INTEGRATE TABLES with control system

  • INITIAL HUB WINDOWS to view the data

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