For a given product, the recalculated SMKT selling digital distribution compares the number of GSA drugstores selling to the total number of GSA drugstores.

A recalculated SMKT indicator allows you to have a calculation mode similar to that applied in pharmacies, taking into account the de-duplication of products for aggregates.


Digital distribution selling SMKT recalculated = number of GSA drugstores selling / number of total GSA drugstores

Aggregation on several products

Unlike the Digital Distribution Selling SMKT , the so-called 'recalculated' version does not do the MAX but recalculates the indicators on the selection of products.


For product A, a 50% recalculated selling digital distribution means that one in two GSA drugstores have sold product A.


The Recalculated SMKT Selling Digital Distribution can be written as "DNV SMKT Recalculated".

It is translated into English as "Numeric Distribution SMKT (recalculated)" or "ND SMKT (recalculated)".


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