Digital Selling Distribution SMKT

Digital Selling Distribution SMKT (SMK Numeric Distribution)

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For a given product, the digital retailer selling SMKT compares the number of GSA drugstores selling to the number of total GSA drugstores.


Selling digital distribution SMKT = number of GSA drugstores selling / number of total GSA drugstores *

* Or the census of 708 GSA drugstores, whose data are transmitted by our partner IRI (End of August 2020 figure)

Aggregation across multiple products

Historically, DNV and DVV were normally calculated on products, but "company", "brand" and "segment" are the MAX of DNV and DVV products.

We recommend the new version (called ' recalculated '), for which this aggregation is not done by a MAX but by recalculation of the indicator on the selection of products.


For product A, a digital distribution that sells SMKT of 50% means that one in two GSA drugstores have sold product A.
For a hierarchical aggregate (such as a segment or a brand), it is the maximum of the digital sales distributions of each product constituting the aggregate that is taken into account.


The Selling Digital Distribution SMKT can be written as "DNV SMKT".

It is translated into English as "Numeric Distribution SMKT" or "ND SMKT".


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