You want to assess your market share, value or volume, only on your customers, this is called the holder market share .

If you do not have one to date in direct reading on the HUB, you can estimate it easily thanks to the HUB in a few steps described below.


To do this, the user must be able to access the following Hub Sales & Marketing subscription sheets:


  • PHARMA only

Geographical territories

  • Metropolitan France data

Product scope

  • All products for sale in pharmacies

Operating mode

Step 1 - Definition of your universe

You must configure the universe on which you position yourself to be able to have a market share and a selling-digital distribution that are rebased on your study universe.

For that, you have to go through the Market Definition sheet which allows you to do it by selecting the filters of the universe that you want to follow. If you don't have a specific filter to apply, still choose the market as the universe. Your market share will not be changed, but your digital distribution selling will only relate to pharmacies that sell at least one product in your market and not all products sold in pharmacies.

Step 2 - Your market share in the universe

With the sheet Market Analysis you know your market share, in value or volume, over your study period in the column N MS of the Market Evolution Details object.

Step 3 - Your digital sales distribution rebased

In the sheet Advanced Indicators Analysis you know your digital sales distribution rebasee on your universe and your study period in the N Rebased ND column of the Advanced Indicators Detail object.

Step 4 - Calculation of the estimate of your holder market share

The estimate of the holder market share is then the ratio between your market share and the digital distribution-vendante rebasee .

It expresses your market share restricted to pharmacies that sell at least one product from your universe and could be formulated as follows:

N MS Holder = N MS / N Rebased ND


The universe you selected in Market Definition is your market , meaning that you are studying only pharmacies that sell at least one product in your market.

You also have the possibility to restrict your universe to a universe.

Your market share in value ( N MS ) is 2.5%

Over the period studied, you achieve 2.5% of market value sales.

Your Rebased Selling Digital Distribution ( N Rebased ND ) is 25.0%.

Over this same period, your products are sold in 25% of pharmacies that sell at least one product in your market.

The estimate of your holder market share ( N MS Holder ) corresponds to your concentration only on your customers, amounting to achieving a focus on the 25% of pharmacies that sell your products in the market and maybe calculated as follows:

N MS Holder = N MS / N Rebased ND

N MS Holder = 2.5% / 25.0%

N MS Holder = 10.0%

Your estimated owner value market share is 10%.

You make 2.5% of your market value sales, but 10% of your market value sales to your customers.


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