Sometimes there can be discrepancies between the sell -in data of a product and the stock data displayed in your SMAa application.

There are several possible reasons for these discrepancies:

Geographic scope:

Your sell-in data covers a different geographical perimeter than the Hub applications.

The OpenHealth pharmacy panel is made up of pharmacies in mainland France (excluding Corsica).

*Dispensary pharmacies in the following territory: Metropolitan France, excluding Corsica, excluding Monaco, excluding DROM COM (source: FINESS).

Accounting reasons :

What can happen is that some pharmacies, for accounting reasons, may not record stocks immediately in their LGO.

So, some stocks that have gone up have a temporal lag, but this lags over time.

This is also true for launches where there may be time lags between sell-in and sell-out.

Type of sell-in :

There are several types of sell-in: ordered and invoiced, for example.

There can also be a time lag between the moment the pharmacist orders a product and the moment the pharmacist receives the product.

The pharmacist records the product at the time of receipt and not at the time of invoicing.

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