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Integrate your sell-in data into the HUB
Integrate your sell-in data into the HUB

Article on the integration of sell-in data

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The HUB allows you to integrate your sell-in data as a data source, in addition to your sell-out data.

This integration is good practice that a growing number of OpenHealth customers are following.

The benefits are multiple:

  • Better synchronise your product catalogue with our repositories, and thus be more reactive in tracking your product launches in the HUB

  • Follow the evolution of the sell-in vs sell-out, and thus deduce the stock factor

  • Conducting in-depth studies sell-in vs sell-out

  • View your sales in a consolidated way across all your channels, and even on channels where OpenHealth does not have sell-in sales

#Valuing sell-in: simple sell-in vs sell-out analysis

The user can simultaneously view the evolution of sell-in vs. sell-out sales on their business.

This study allows the user to compare growth rates and deduce the stock factor

#Valuing sell-in: in-depth sell-in vs sell-out study

  • Reassortment analysis

  • Analysis of supply duration

  • Storage analysis

  • Seasonality analysis

  • Correlation analysis

  • ...

#Valuing sell-in: visualising sell-out multichannel

Using sell-in allows you to reconstruct sell-out sales across all channels, even those for which OpenHealth does not currently have data

What are the prerequisites for integrating your sell-in data into the HUB?

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