Definition and availability of stock data in the HUB, via SMA ADVANCED applications: Subscription Sales & Marketing Advanced

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The Stock is the sum at the end of the month of all the units of a market stored in the pharmacies. A unit is stocked if it is physically stored in the pharmacy.

Stock is usually expressed in consumer units.


The stock data is fixed as soon as it is available on your applications, on the 6th of each month, for the previous month.


A stock indicator value of 10,000 means that 10,000 market units are stocked in the French pharmacy stock, i.e. approximately 0.5 units per pharmacy on average.


Stock monitoring means that the pharmacist continuously records his incoming and outgoing goods. Differences between the actual and declared stock are therefore possible. OpenHealth advises to analyse the changing stock over several months, rather than over a single month.

Unlike sales indicators, stock indicators are not cumulative. It is not possible, for example, to calculate an annual rolling stock total. If you want to have a view over 1 year, you will be more likely to calculate an average stock over 12 months.

Stock in value

The stock can also be calculated in value.

In that case, the stock volume is multiplied by the weighted average prices in order to analyse the valuation of products in stock taking into account the positioning of the products in terms of price.

For example, for a product with a stock of 10,000 units over 1 month, with sales volume over the same month of 2,500 and with sales in value of €25,000.

The weighted average selling price is therefore €10.00 (€25,000 / 2,500 units sold).

The stock value is then € 100,000 (10,000 units stocked x € 10.00).


Subscription Sales & Marketing Advanced


Stock data is available with a granularity per month.


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