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Share of selling offer
Share of selling offer

Share of selling offer

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Ratio between the number of SKUs (GTINs) of each outlet sold at least once in a selection of products to the total SKUs (GTINs) of each outlet in the monitored market sold at least once in the same period.


A(s) = number of outlets selling a selection of products
S(s) = total sum of selling products of the selection of products in each outlet
A(m) = number of outlets selling from the monitored market
S(m) = total sum of selling products of the monitored market in each outlet

Then: Selling supply share = [ A(s) x S(s) ] / [ A(m) x S(m) ]


A brand M's products are sold in 6,000 outlets representing 12,000 different GTIN-point-of-sale pairs.
The brand M's follow-up market products are sold in 7,000 outlets representing 60,000 different GTIN-point-of-sale pairs.
Selling supply share = 17.1% = [ 6,000 x 12,000 ] / [ 7,000 x 60,000 ]
The brand M accounts for 17.1% of the total supply in its market.


Share of selling offer is translated into English as 'Share of assortment'.


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