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Specifications for receiving sell-in data
Specifications for receiving sell-in data

How to send us your sell-in as part of a sell-in / sell-out analysis or subscription to the Sell-in Vizualization module

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1 - Sell-in file specifications

1.1 First Reception

In the format mentioned in the Excel file:

  • Granularity :

Mandatory : detailed both by point of sale / month / product

If possible : per order / day

  • Pharmacies:

Be sure to include the information needed to identify pharmacies as listed in the file " TBL-CLIENT 180824-SELL-IN file format for SI - SO_MP analysis "


  • Products:

It must include all of your products concerned by the scope of the analysis.

Mandatory fields : GTIN (code on 13 digits / designation)

Optional fields : Any product qualification / segmentation field can be useful

  • History required:

3 years (be sure to include all products and pharmacies active during this period, even if the product is no longer sold or the pharmacy is closed or is no longer a customer).

  • Sell-in / Indicators:

> In volume and value (excluding tax)

> Identify free units

> Include repeats

1.2 Recurrence: monthly receipt

Receipt each month (in the same format as specified in 1.1) of your sell-in for the past month.

By fully integrating any new products and pharmacies concerned by the analysis.

2 - Stream

We can of course put you in touch with our IT department for the reception format of your sell-in data.

This to handle big data and automate the send-in flow from sell-in to OpenHealth.

Do not hesitate to ask us about this at the address:

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