What is the HUB? Is it paying?

The HUB is OpenHealth's analytics platform. It allows you to visualize your data (calculation, export dimensions) without a priori. All our subscriptions include access to the HUB. We have chosen to make unlimited the number of users within an organization.

Can you buy one-shot data from you?

OpenHealth works exclusively by subscription but it is possible to subscribe for short periods. Our sales team is at your disposal to build a partnership that will meet your needs.

What type of support do you provide to your clients?

All our customers benefit from complete support . From help to building their markets through user training. Continuous and unlimited support is offered to you by our Customer Success Center.

How are your commercial offers broken down?

Our subscriptions are divided into 3 commercial offers. The Sales & Marketing allows marketing and sales performance monitoring at the level of a consolidated territory. The Territory Management allows you to visualize your data on a territorial breakdown and monitor the performance of its sales force. The Use & Analytics makes it possible to monitor the use of drugs in real life.

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