Traffic Evolution (Beta test)
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Visualise the evolution of pharmacy traffic on all your available history

Update: 221223_MP

Trigram: TE


Data sources

Geographical territories

  • Data for Metropolitan France

  • Corsica / Monaco / DROM COM not included


  • Loading time of selections dependent on the size of the markets and selection

  • Applicable to human, veterinary and non-medicinal products



Use and Analytics - Essential

Objects in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Step buttons time

  • Qualifying field selector

  • Prescription Type Selector

  • Cumulated: allows the indicator to be calculated in "to date" format. (First day of the period to the day in question)

  • KPIs

Indicators and measures

  • N

  • N Evol

  • N Evol Abs

  • Average basket: Average turnover per ticket of the selected products (based on tickets with at least one product from the selection)

  • Average basket Evol

  • Volume per dispensation: Average volume of products in the selection per ticket (among the tickets with at least one box in the selection)

  • Volume per dispensation Evol

  • WASP

  • WASP Evol



Current version :

Traffic Evolution v221223

Older versions :


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