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Panel extrapolated from the SanteDomStat observatory
Panel extrapolated from the SanteDomStat observatory
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The extrapolated panel is constructed from electronic health record (ESR) data from the SanteDomStat observatory and estimates national indicators for each LPP code (List of Products and Services).

Value proposition

The panel gives you a framework of analyses that can help you in tariff negotiations, answering questions about expenditure controls and expenditure growth dynamics.

With the extrapolated panel, you can :

  • Visualise the main growth dynamics and their evolution (by field, activity, sub-activity & BVG code) monthly or over periods of your choice

  • Break down the evolution of the market in volume and value

  • To study the current year's data in advance now


The indicators available to date are :

  • Estimated quantity reimbursed

  • Estimated amount to be reimbursed


To visualize in a few clicks, the main components of the selection of your choice:

Easily grasp changes in your analytical framework:


Date of invoice vs. date of delivery of the product:
The CNAM uses the date of invoicing as the basis for its annual reimbursement data.

This date is also taken into account in this model.

However, there are other dates, including the date of delivery of the product to the patient, which is also available.

There is a time lag between the date of delivery of the product and its date of invoicing.

Representativeness of the Observatory :

As the observatory serves as a basis for extrapolated data, the representativeness of this universe in relation to all market players and their characteristics is paramount. The observatory is made up of major players to date and includes few "small" players.

Analyses of extrapolated data will reflect less well the characteristics of 'small' market players.

Available indicators :

The extrapolated indicators available to date are :

- Quantity reimbursed

- Reimbursable amount

The Observatory's data come from the electronic care sheets transmitted by the health partners to the compulsory and complementary reimbursement organisations. These are theoretical data which are included in the reimbursement (and therefore reimbursable).

There may be a discrepancy between the estimates of what was reimbursed and what was actually reimbursed by the agencies.

Monitoring of LOB codes:
Only the LPP codes defined and validated by the PSADs are studied here, there may be some discrepancies with what the CNAM includes in its nomenclature.



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