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Visualize the evolution of the market on the available history: by domain, activity, sub-activity, segment, LPP act

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Show monthly, quarterly or annual history of volume and turnover:

  • Very quickly visualize long-term trends by area, activity, sub-activity, segment, LPP act

  • Export data to Excel

This sheet is for you if:

  • You want to follow your indicators over long histories

  • You want to understand trends and detect changes in support

Data sources



SantéDomStat National Observatory - Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • Traceability cartridge

  • Calendar selector

  • Time buttons

  • Domain selector

  • Activity selector

  • Sub-activity selector

  • Segment selector

  • LPP selector

  • Analysis axis selector

  • Indicator nature selector

  • Indicator selector

  • Stacked bar chart of changes by axis of analysis

  • Curve diagram of the evolutions by axis of analysis

  • Table of changes by axis of analysis (Exportable to Excel)



Current version:

• New module

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