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HUB SMA version 211115
HUB SMA version 211115
Written by OpenHealth - Customer Success Center
Updated over a week ago


. Improved response times: Qlik native objects "Impact UX" on "Round 2" modules :Multiple Period Analysis,Custom Weighting Method Evolution,Average Number of Products

The "Listbox Measure" has been revised.

The "Time Step Listbox" has been redesigned and has a new shape.

#0181 - Stock Sheets: do not allow incomplete data to be displayed in the HUB

The modulesStock Analysis andStock Evolution have been revised to show only the months that are due.

  • Replacement in the My Product table of the OHC_TECHNICAL_CODE 2 field with the OHC_TECHNICAL_CODE_1 field.

  • Addition of the "Product not found ?" button object including a Success link to the article specific to product codes.

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