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Setting up my homepage
Setting up my homepage
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In the new version (v220615) of your administration area, you cancustomize your home page. You can view :

  • Direct links to your favourite applications :

  • Shortcuts to your favourites The HUB :

  • Sales KPIs in your different markets:

How do I set up my display?

1. Open thesettings menu by clicking on the cogwheel at the top right (accessible via all pages of the site)

2. Select up to3 applications to be displayed in the upper part of the screen

3. Select up to4 favourites to be displayed in the side menu

4. Select up to6 KPIs to be displayed on your homepage

According to alist of 24 KPIs at your disposal :

  • N To Mth

  • N To Labo Mth

  • N To MS Mth

  • N Vol Mth

  • N Flight Lab Mth

  • N Flight MS Mth

  • N To QTR

  • N To Labo QTR

  • N To MS QTR

  • N Flight QTR

  • N Flight Lab QTR

  • N Flight MS QTR

  • N To YTD

  • N To Labo YTD

  • N To MS YTD

  • N Flight YTD

  • N Flight Lab YTD

  • N Flight MS YTD

  • N To MAT

  • N To Labo MAT

  • N To MS MAT

  • N Flight MAT

  • N Flight Lab MAT

  • N Flight MS MAT

5. Then save your changes in the top right corner ("Save changes")


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