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Data source name : ALPHARM -

Value proposition :

General Description :

Alpha Research and Marketing (AlphaRM) specializes in creating and providing analytical databases, as well as conducting any type of marketing research on all segments of the pharmaceutical market in Russia.

Databases contain information on:

  • geomarketing of all pharmacies and medical institutions in the Russian Federation;

  • volumes of pharmacy purchases and sales of medicinal preparations, BAAs, and additional assortment;

  • purchase orders, concluded contracts, and volumes of deliveries in the state segment.

Data Type : Sell Out data

Data Sources : Pharmacy

Geographic territory(ies) : Russia

Coverage in terms of points of sale : circa 50% (20 000 / 40 800) (16/11/2021)

Market : Pharmacy products

Time period(s) : N/A

Indicator(s) : Specify definition of indicators

Baseline data used: N/A

Other details (specificities / limitations...) :

Source : presentation from Roman Gumenniy 16/11/2021 : Alpharm_presentation_New products-New alternatives (валидация)

Data flow between ALPHARM and OpenHealth:

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