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Add a market
Add a market
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To meet operational needs, you may well consider following a market.

This is why your administration area allows you to meet this need.

How to monitor a new market?

In the "My contracts" section (within the "My services" tab on your The HUB homepage), thePOWER USER can "Add a market":

Markets are defined byproduct classes,in a database named "ALL MP4U PRODUCTS.

These classes (at 5 levels of granularity) are contained in 3 main product families:

  • The medicine

  • The non-drug

  • The veterinary medicinal product

2 cases :

1 - Via the "CONTENT" menu, you choose a market (defined in classes) by OpenHealth.

If you are happy with it as it is, then you can "Freeze this market".

2 - Via the "CONTENT" menu, you choose a market (defined in classes) by OpenHealth.

However, it does not match your vision and you want to adjust it.

You can then freely choose which classes (via the keyword search for example) to include and which to exclude.

To help you, the list of products is available in the table below.

(Please note that the table is limited to the products present in the pharmacy panel).

The "Apply this filterThe "Update table" button allows you to update the table with your selections.

The "Freezing this marketThe "market definition" allows you to validate a market definition and offers you a qualification as well as an associated tariff.


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