Average duration of treatment

Measure the average treatment time at the end of the analysis period

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The mean duration of treatment reflects the average duration during which the patients took their treatment between the start of the available history and the date of the end of the analysis.

NB: This is an average duration observed at the end of the analysis period:

  • Some patients were potentially in treatment before the start of the history

  • Some patients are still in treatment after the analysis period.

The duration of treatment corresponds to the time between the 1st and the last delivery of a treatment to which the average renewal-time . This average renewal time is added to take into account the estimated processing time for the last issue.

NB: For patients with only one dispensation, the average renewal time will apply.

It is then a question of making the average of the different durations of treatment.


A patient comes to the pharmacy for treatment A:

The processing time will be 274 days (01/12/2019 - 01/04/2019 + 30d.)


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