The average daily dosage per insured person expresses the average volume of active ingredient dispensed to each insured person per day. This indicator is part of a longitudinal monitoring.


Let us take the example of a patient having been delivered 4 boxes [CU] containing 30 capsules [BU or base units] each containing 50 milligrams of the active principle [AP] between the 01/01/2019 and 04/01/2019, including 1 box on 04/01/2019.

The volume of the last issue is not counted because the duration of the setting for this issue is not known.

The average daily dosage for this patient:
(Sales volume in units x Number of basic units in the box x Dosage in active principle of one basic unit) / Number of days of treatment
Either: (3 boxes x 30 capsules x 50 MG) / 90 days = 50MG per day on average

It is then a question of taking the average of the different daily dosages


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