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Prerequisites Matching Pharmacies File
Prerequisites Matching Pharmacies File

Pre-requisites Matching Pharmacies File

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In order to optimise the results of an operation, the data described below is necessary for the "matching" between a pharmacy file and the OpenHealth repository.
The mandatory data described below, serves us as the "link" between our repository and the client file.
The greater the number of identical relationships between the identification data, the better the production time associated with this operation, and this will allow us to have a result of optimal quality and a significant time saving.


- Customer code / internal identifier of the establishment
- The name of the pharmacy
- The CIP code of the pharmacy
- The telephone number of the pharmacy
- The address of the pharmacy (ideally in 3 fields):
o Adr1: the name of the shopping centre
o Adr2 the number and name of the street
o Adr3: the locality
- The postcode
- The town


- The FAX number
- The name of the holder
- UGA746
- The Grouping(s)

Any other information is welcome, and will contribute to the robustness of the matching.

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