When sales are brought up on a new GTIN, the threshold of 50 checkouts must be reached for the GTIN to be integrated into the GSA Parapharmacies Sales Coding (SMKT) process at IRI.

This process will:

  • Assign this GTIN a product family. This product family (e.g.: dietary supplements) will list all the references that were able to come up at IRI on the family whatever the channel (hyper/super, parapharmacy, e-commerce...)

  • Prioritise this GTIN in the coding queue. This prioritisation takes into account the sales made over the last 13 weeks and the number of product rotations.

The fact that a reference is not present in the GSA Parapharmacies Data Network (SMKT) depends on several factors:

  • The reference is never pulled up in IRI sales

  • The reference is known and coded at IRI but on another circuit (example: these references are not sold in para corners but in the traditional Hyper Markets /Super Markets department).

  • The reference is known but not codified with several cases:
    > The reference has not reached the minimum threshold of 50 checkouts whatever the channel
    > The reference has reached the threshold of 50 checkouts but:
    - IRI does not have all the information to codify it
    - Due to its turnover, it is not prioritised in the coding queue

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