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Integration of a new data source
What information does OpenHealth need to integrate a new data source?
What information does OpenHealth need to integrate a new data source?

Article on the integration of new data sources

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OpenHealth allows its users or partners to integrate their own data into the HUB.

Below is the document that needs to be completed to integrate a new data source into the HUB:




I. Summary of the data source

Name of data source: IRI

Data set name: GSA Para sales data

Description of the dataset: Sales census on health products in GSA Para in France


All products sold in GSA hyper-corners in France.

Presence of product classification: yes, IRI nomenclature on 5 levels


Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica)

Granularity of indicators at the sign or national level depending on the indicators

Data history depth: 01/01/2014 to date

List of nomenclatures and external references used by the dataset:


Update frequency of the data source: Weekly

II. Functional elements

Expected users of the data:Firms with sales in GSA Para or wishing to enter this sales channel

Description of the value created by using the data: Tracking sales, market share and understanding marketing and sales performance

Business case: Monitoring your sales, conducting competitive intelligence, tracking your product launches...

Specification of indicators:

Analysis grid: See articles

III. Modalities of exchange

Channel: SFTP

Format:flat file (CSV)

Transmission deadline: Sales data for day D transmitted in D+10

IV. Details of data transmitted

Product nomenclature

Store List

Factual data

National sales

History depth: 01/01/2014 to date

Sales to sign

History depth: 01/01/2014 to date

Data association model

Ideally schema representing the data association model


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