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How to create, modify and share a bookmark in your Platform ?
How to create, modify and share a bookmark in your Platform ?

Creating and sharing favorites in the Hub

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Favorites allow you to store selections and find them easily when using the HUB later.
Also, they allow share product selections from one user to another, such as market definitions, thanks to the " SHARED: "


How to create a favorite?

1. Click on the " favorite " button:

2. And "Create a new bookmark":

3. Validate the name of the bookmark :

Lock a bookmark

Lock selection before creating the bookmark. This makes it possible in particular to keep the favorite permanently displayed in the HUB.

How to modify / duplicate a bookmark ?

Edit a bookmark

1. Click on the " bookmark" button:

2. Hover your mouse over the bookmarkin question and to the right of it, next to the creation date, you will see a small " i "appear.

Click on this "i" (green box below) , then click on the pencil (red box below) to modify the favorite (title, add a description, add the mention "SHARED:" to share it)

Duplicate a bookmark

To extract data from a favorite with the past month for example, you must duplicate a bookmark.

To do this:

1. Click on the " bookmark " button:

2. Click on the favorite you want to duplicate and save it under a new name after selecting the last month due

Delete a bookmark

As illustrated below, here is the procedure to delete a favorite.

Note: In the case of a shared favorite (see next section), only the 'owner' account of this favorite can delete it.

1. Click on the information button of the favorite in question

2. Go to the edit menu

3. Click on the recycle bin

How to share a bookmark ?

You can share your favorite with your colleagues using the simple mention:

" SHARED :" (the colon pasted to SHARED and without the quotes)

For example the favorite "Sales analysis August 2019" must be written:

SHARED: August 2019 sales analysis


dimensions , indicators and measures are now considered a selection on modules Multiple Period Analysis and My Data Archive .

These elements can therefore be saved using the favorites tool.

Warning: on Multiple Period Analysis, favorites are linked to the mode of the table; "Table with advanced indicators" or "Table with turnover and volume". If your bookmark contains advanced indicators (ex; ND, WD, WASP ...), consider switching to "Table with advanced indicators", otherwise only your "dimensions" will be displayed in the table.

It is now possible to save the configuration of a sheet via the favorites (Example: order of the columns of a table, sort order or presence of labels on a chart) .

To do this, you just need to check " Save the layout " when creating the favorite:

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