Patient Analytics
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Co-dispensingAnalyze the co-dispositions associated with a cohort
Cohort qualification moduleQualification of the patient cohort
Treatment Status ModuleAnalyze the dynamics of treatment monitoring
Treatment Adherence moduleAnalyze adherence to treatments
Cohort definitionDefine the scope of your analysis
Co-treatmentsDefine co-processing within your scope of analysis
Visualization cohortView the patient profile of the defined cohort
Definition of analysis criteriaDefine the parameters for the analysis of your cohort
Global cohort evolutionVisualize the monthly evolution of the cohort
Geographic distributionView the geographic distribution of patients in the defined cohort
Cohort profileAnalyze the demographic profile of patients included in the cohort
Treatment status break downGet an overview of the different types of treatment follow-up
Treatment initiationsAnalyze the evolution of the number of treatment initiations
Treatment re-startsAnalyze the evolution of the number of re-treatments
New treatmentsAnalyze the evolution of the number of initiations and resumes of treatment
Treatment recurrenciesAnalyze patients on treatment
Treatment switch balanceAnalyze the balance of treatment changes by treatment
Treatment switch gainsAnalyze the beneficiaries of treatment switches
Treatment switch lossesAnalyze by treatment the losers of the treatment switches
Switch gain originsAnalyze the origin of the switch for a given treatment
Switch loss destinationAnalyze the destination of the switch for a given treatment
Drop-outsAnalyze treatment stops
KPI SummarySummary of the different types of treatment monitoring
Treatment persistenceAnalyze the duration of treatments
ComplianceAnalyze the quantities delivered
What is the regularity criterion?Definition of the concept of regularity criterion