Definition of analysis criteria

Define the parameters for the analysis of your cohort

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Value proposal

The objective of this module is to configure the criteria conditioning the analysis:

- The Wash-out period corresponds to the period before inclusion into the cohort, to qualify the patient as a new patient under treatment or as a patient already under treatment.
- The Drop-out period defines the time deemed necessary to confirm or not the end of a treatment.
- The Definition of a treatment allows you to choose the granularity of your analysis. Thus, it is possible to analyze the evolution of deliveries:

  • By product code, if each transfer from one product code to another interests you

  • By brand, if you want to avoid changes in delivery which may, for example, be due to a change in presentation or packaging

  • By WHO ATC class

  • By active ingredient

Data sources

  • Patient Data

Geographic territories

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  • Patient Analytics - Cohort constitution

Objects found in the sheet

  • Information on the wash-out period

  • Drop-out period selection slider

  • Selector defining the type of treatment

  • Navigation button


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Current version:

  • Update of the traceability cartridge

Old versions:

  • Variabilization

  • Modification of the modalities of definition of a treatment

  • New specification


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