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Evolution by age and pregnancy status
Evolution by age and pregnancy status
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Pregnancy status" is approximated by 1 proxy: the declaration of maternity leave in the information reported to the health insurance on sales tickets in the nature of insurance. When the nature of insurance is "Maternity", then the patient is considered as "pregnant".


In the monitoring of pregnancy ages and status, for women there are 4 modalities:

  • Women < 15 years Women under 15 years of age

  • Women of childbearing age not pregnantWomen aged 15-44 of childbearing age who have not declared maternity leave to the health insurance system

  • Pregnant WomenWomen aged 15-44 who have declared maternity leave to the health insurance

  • Women > 44 years Women aged 45 and over


The available indicators are relative indicators of weight on each of the modalities:

  • Weight by volume in consumer units (boxes),

  • Weight in number of dispensations,

  • Weight in value in € public price including VAT.

Temporal granularity

3 time granularities are available:

  • Monthly (Mth),

  • Quarterly (Qtr),

  • Annual (Year).


Consider a market with estimated sales of 10,000 boxes delivered over the period P, of which 200 boxes are delivered to pregnant women (modalityPregnant Women).

The volume weight of pregnant women over this period is then calculated as follows:

N MS =200 / 10.000 = 2 %

2% of volume sales in this market are delivered to pregnant women.


  • Limitation on market size: maximum 1,000 products

  • Applicable to human, veterinary and non-medical elective drugs

  • PHARMA only


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