Sales Evolution by Age & Gender

Visualize the evolution of sales by age & gender using the HUB's depth of history

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Module name

Trigram: SEAG





The Sales Evolution by age & gender module is used to display daily, monthly, quarterly and annual sales over a long history:

  • Visually represent the seasonality of dispensations by age and gender

  • Compare sales by genre over a defined period

  • Easily visualize long-term trends

This sheet is for you if:

  • Track your sales by age and gender on long histories

Data sources

  • Data from pharmacies

Geographical territories

  • Metropolitan France data


  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



Use & Analytics Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • 'Dispensation fees' selector

  • Functional cartridge

  • Time buttons

  • Years button

  • Object 'Measures'

  • Object 'Sales by Age & Gender Details Females'

  • Object 'Sales by Age & Gender Details Males'


  • Volume sales

  • Value sales

  • Number of Dispensations




Current version:

  • Replacing Period_Year with $ (v_Simple_Period_Condition) within the stacked bar chart. (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Setting up the narrow "Grid" and placing objects according to this new grid.

  • Installation of the warning "/! \ No compliant Data Input /! \" within the traceability cartridge.

Previous versions:

  • Automation of the display of analysis period type selection buttons

  • Standardization of the placement of "Reload Time" based on the SMA standard

  • Variability of the subscription within the cartridge. (New variable)

  • Variability of the subscription within the cartridge. (New variable)

  • Standardization of the placement of "Reload Time" on the SMA standard

  • Adding value labels to point curves

  • Pooling the legend for the two point line graphs rather than having two identical legends.

  • Revised global variability of object labels, except Age Ranges selector which does not allow it. (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Internal Technical Improvement

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

  • Internal Technical Improvement

Sales Evolution by Age & Gender v1805291740

  • Moving the leaf from UANe to UANa


Corsica data
Customer Type
GSA parapharmacy data
Observatory data

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