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SANDRE repository
SANDRE repository
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The Service of National Administration of Water Data and Repositories (SANDRE) is responsible for establishing and making available the Water Information System (WIS) water data repository.

This guarantees the interoperability of water-related information systems (in particular with the ROSEAU database)

The SANDRE reference system covers :

1- Specification documents

  • data dictionaries: describing and specifying the terminology and data available for each domain (codification, list of values, data provider, etc.)

  • exchange scenarios: defining the format and rules for data exchange (syntax, technical methods, etc.)

  • repository administration documents: defining the technical and organisational guidelines for the correct administration of the reference data

2- Reference data sets

  • reference data: specifying the basic data of the water world (e.g. code of the water body, its name, its location, ...)

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