The Hub production chain

You will find all the steps of our production chain in this article.

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Version: 210121_SGU

Diagram of our production line as of 21/01/2021 :


Our production chain has more than 70 different sources and about 140 REPLICAs, at the beginning of our production chain, which are replicated at OpenHealth, from the data at the supplier. This data is historically recorded, auditable at any time, and monitored on a daily basis via standard processes, available to our customers in full transparency with full traceability.


The REPLICAs supply the rest of our production chain which corresponds to the DATAMARTS, where the data is processed (e.g. data cleansing, extrapolation calculation, modelling to date, source aggregation).


The DATAMARTs supply the rest of our production chain which corresponds to the MUG OHC, this is our central reference database where all the data from several sources are aggregated.

4. SQL - Client MUGs :

The OHC MUG is the main source of power for all our Client MUGs. They are supplied and controlled on a daily basis, and audited every morning during the daily Production Committee.

5. QLIK - Client Apps:

The customers MUGs are the primary source of power for our customers apps and are reloaded on a daily basis following the data feed and audited each morning at the Daily Production Committee.

6. WEB - The Hub portal:

The Hub portal is the client web interface, through which our clients log in and access their applications, at any time of the day, with no user limit, the portal is also audited each morning at the Daily Production Committee, and follows a continuous UI/UX improvement cycle.

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