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Transparency and traceability at your service: The Service Health dashboard.

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Version: 210302_SGU

1. Objective of Service Health Dashboard.

2. Description of our production chain.

3. Frequency of updating this service.

1. Objective of Service Health Dashboard.

The Health Department is an addition to our daily production chain control routine and its objective is to provide our customers with visibility on our production chain with full transparency and traceability.

This dashboard allows you to have a synthetic and simplified view of the status of our services in real time, as well as the frequency of your data updates (update every X hours).

2. Description of our production line.

Our production chain is divided into several stages:

1. The Replica, this stage is dedicated to the copying of all data from different data sources and geographical territories.

2. The Datamart is the stage dedicated to data cleaning and calculation of data extrapolated from the raw data.

3. The OHC Mug is our central database where all processed data from different data sources and geographical territories are aggregated, and it is the main source of data for customer databases.

4. The QLIK applications represent the last stage of our production chain, dedicated to the visualization of data output from our customers' mugs. Note that some data is common to several customers :

Common QVD (for example the calendar used to define the weeks).

Diagram of the production line_210302 :

3. Frequency of update of this service.

The Health Service is available directly from your login area on The Hub portal and is updated every X hours.

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